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Southern Brotherhood review of Magic Carpet Ride

Southern Brotherhood from Bournemouth in England release a new 12 track LP Magic Carpet Ride on the 21st December 2012.

Front cover of the CD Magic Carpet Ride by Southern Brotherhood

Southern Brotherhood

I first met Andy De Rosa in late 2010 when he was playing in a London based out-fit Andy De Rosa and Electric Mojo, he has since relocated to the South coast of England where he is with Jeff Kirkham in the duo of Southern Brotherhood and they have been working on a new release, Magic Carpet Ride a fairly detailed acoustic -rock LP.

The LP is a well constructed release which provides an introspective journey as the almost folk-rock filters in to the room. For those who know Andy from his earlier iterations the sounds may come as a surprise, gone are the flamboyant Rock Blues guitar slides to be replaced with a more soulful disposition that weaves its way across Eastern Influences and Blues Grass. That isn’t to say there are not some breaks for the hills as the acoustic guitar is stretched to it’s limits in tracks such as Right Back Where We Started.

Readers of the website will know that I typically review releases track by track, but in this instance I think that to do so would not add greatly, not because Magic Carpet Ride is full of sameness, but due to its very journey and having had a pre-release version to hand for some time, I can attest that this has been played more than once. So in my opinion, if you are looking for something to take you too the heart of acoustic rock whilst referencing many influences then getting your hands on a copy will result in an engaging hour of music.

The release is available as a limited edition CD – or digital download.



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