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Paul Liddell | Help Yourself Float

Paul Liddell has a new 5 track EP, Help Yourself Float released on 28th March through 360 Degree Music.

Paul Liddell | Help Yourself Float

Paul Liddell | Help Yourself Float

The Ghost Car (The Caffeine Kicks) opens up the EP with a superb track, the high tempo of the drum and guitar playing well to the lyric, I drive up and down the country regularly and I completely empathise with the piece. I found myself on one of those late night drives, absolutely enjoying the freedom on the road, but fighting off a hazy sleeplessness. The desire to reach a target while fighting an inner battle. This is a track far more powerful than the caffeine kick.

Dialling Tone sees Paul open the track with yet another great construction. He delves in to some heartfelt anxieties as he explores the paranoia of distant communication. Delivered with the isolation of a Northern English accent, this takes on a whole new perspective in itself drawing a band of cohesion across a far wider landscape.

Trouble in Hell takes me to a completely different space as a Piano and violin comes to the fore, here I was taken to catastrophe at sea, as waves crash against a trawler fighting for survival. This track shows the complete versatility of Paul Liddell, as a violin implores from the background to the powerful lighthouse beacon of the vocal. I was left with an unanswered question as I saw that trawler sink to the depths.

Boots finds somehow a rock anthem, though this is an acoustic guitar leading the charge. Liddell even manages to evoke memories of Woodstock, with a superbly built break, complete with reverb.

Monsoon Rain Has resonances of 60′s beat and 90′s anthems as it triumphantly strides out to a superb anthem, I even caught some of The Ramones in there. I can’t sit still while I listen, great stuff.

I am looking forward to catching up with Paul in live performance as soon as.

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