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ShiShi – Eternal Bliss – LP review

It was September 2012 that I introduced ShiShi - on 11th June 2013 they released their debut LP the approaching forty minute ten track Eternal Bliss.

ShiShi - Eternal Bliss

ShiShi – Eternal Bliss

Opening with a song that means much to me on a personal level Anything For You an arching four and a half minute song of devotion. Tom and Jamie kindly permitted me to create a video for this song which features my partner and co-founder of the Indie Bands Blog Julie Norbury who died in September 2011.

Next comes Turn Back The Clocks another emotionally laden lyric set to a synthesised rolling ricochet of slightly fuzzed instrumentation set to an omnipresent tick-tock of percussion.

Nick Of Time takes a slightly different turn as the electro-pop duo briefly clarify the mist with four minutes of ever growing desperation. Once again the percussion lays out the framework to the sounds as the instrumentation and vocals weave through the gaps with some well thought through echoed and layered vocal.

Season Of The Bitch takes Eternal Bliss into a somewhat gothic track with a sublime layering of sound.

Closing the first half  is The Vow which resonates of the shoegaze roots of Tom Lugo with another ethereal vocal performance by Jamie and my pick of the release.

Bliss takes a more orchestrated sound and delivers it to dancefloor with what is a slightly more up tempo beat. Guitars are given a decent run out and this has a slightly different texture to that which has preceded with a more rock derived sound.

Rewind – the shortest track on the release at just over three minutes retains the faster tempo with notes played far significantly more quickly than on other parts of Eternal Bliss, but not sounding out of place.

Following on with Hold Your Truths the LP builds speed with a sounds that hint of Morocco meeting the Balearics.

The penultimate track Generation Waste takes the essence of the release and compresses it into four and a half minutes of brooding delight.

Closing the LP is Illuminate The Sky which in essence is what Eternal Bliss does with what in summary could be an extended soundtrack for the aurora borealis. A fine debut Long Player for ShiShi.

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