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ShiShi is something of an apposite name for the haze-pop duo of husband and wife, Philadelphia USA, based pairing of Jamie Lugo (Vocals) and Tom Lugo (Everything else). Tom is already well known to readers of the website with his band Stellarscope and his label Panaphonic.



Rustling like leaves in autumn ShiShi deliver a sound that has the listener reaching for volume up controls as a fusion of haze wends its way across the room. The material is rooted in an electronic shoegaze, but the topping on the cake is the mesmerizing vocal delivery by Jamie, who is just dipping her toe into recorded music for the first time. The use of loops and heavy fuzz generates an engaging out-put which is a garage repost to the clean lines of Electro-pop and it marks an interesting variation.

Pulling in a diversity of influences there is a danger that this could have emerged as an unintelligible mash-up but, far from it, we find ourselves in a new listening space which is to my ears, a great alliteration of Ambient and Electro-pop with the calming lines of after-party danceable rhythms, combined with an underlying main-party energy all of which is packaged in a superbly crafted haze of echo.

With an EP – Close To You – which was released on the 19th September 2012, I hope ShiShi keep the on this, is an interesting variation which has the possibility of engaging a global audience and as Jamie gains confidence and experience, so the sound has the potential to develop.


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