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Mono Stereo – Me and My Machine

I knew Mono Stereo were knocking about with Kramer to produce a new album and I was looking forward to hearing some of the out-put. Me and My Machine, the new single out on Monday 8th November, was well worth the wait.

Me and My Machine - Mono Stereo

Me and My Machine - Mono Stereo

A year ago, I met the guys from Mono Stereo in Camden as they came over to play a few nights in London. Their distinctive sound of reverbed guitar and flowing echos has become an ever present sound on my personal playlists.

Me and My Machine, finds the band a tighter outfit, with the track setting a superb canvas for the lead and rhythm guitars, which shimmer throughout. I am as ever reminded of a far more controlled version of Hawkwind, as the band retain a tight grip on their direction, with a trip in to the floating world of psychedelic rock.

You Gotta Take Me Home, finds the band in a more introspective mood, with a far deeper mood to the output. It is well crafted managing to avoid the pitfalls of a self-indulgent meander, as the band retains the ability to focus on a core theme to the track, which they remain true to through-out.

Mono Stereo – Me and My Machine from Adam Bruneau on Vimeo.

Me and My Machine is available on Me and My Machine - Single - Mono Stereo*

The forthcoming album should be a stormer. Currently in the UK on a tour> It would be an evening well spent to get out to see the band while they are over here.

Thanks to Danny Sperling from Minty Highway for getting the release out to me.

Mono Stereo – Me And My Machine – Out 8th November by mono stereo

* purchases made through the Me and My Machine - Single - Mono Stereo link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.

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