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Visitors from North London in England is the trio of  Ben Gold (vocals / keys), Ricky Whybrow (guitar) and Alfie Tammaro (drums) who produce an electro indie-pop sound.



This is probably as near to mainstream I can manage to drive. There is a direct line back to the new romantics of the early ’80s with the naivety  that crammed the dance-floors and venues. Combining electronic melodies with the guitar and drum-kit allow the trio to produce a sound that cuddles the ears in warmth whilst the energetic drive lifts the feet to move in time with the tempo.

There is nothing challenging here, but there is something underlying it all that raises this above the mundane and indifferent and it is a pleasure to spend some time wallowing in the music that Visitors release. Tracks are written that suit the instrumentation well and the vocal delivers a harsher tonality to the material that draws attention.

The production levels are superbly crafted and they are a band that needs to get the sound levels right to work effectively, which I guess could mean that live performances are a little hit and miss, not through their own fault, but venue acoustics, sound-checks and the engineer on the night. Equally I would posit in the right space this would deliver a great set.


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