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Stuart Newman

Stuart Newman is a solo artist from Brighton in the UK, who plays mellow acoustic music. His music, which he creates and arranges himself is drawn from a range of influences, from the ’50s to the 21st century.

Stuart Newman

Stuart Newman

After a long day, the music of Stuart Newman, is great for winding down with. Containing interest and some clever arrangements, this is music which can be listened to in a darkened room while reflecting on life around. It demands listening without distraction as Stuart draws his influences in to carefully balanced output. In addition to having great songwriting skills, he has a great voice, which adds a real strength to the output.

I could spend hours listening to the output, which I have done and still find myself catching different glimmers of new sounds in the multi-faceted talent that is Stuart Newman.

His debut LP, Single But Defective, is available as a free download and the indie bands blog is pleased to be able you the opportunity to listen to the album here, just dim the lights and take some time out…

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