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Stuart Newman – Bored of Idiot Chatter EP review

Stuart Newman has recently released his latest six track EP – Bored of Idiot Chatter, which came out in May 2012. It has been just over two years since I first reviewed Stuart Newman and his material has developed nicely.

Stuart Newman - Bored of Idiot Chatter

Stuart Newman – Bored of Idiot Chatter

Opening with (We’re Living in) Another Dimension a reflective of the current state of world, remonstrating against a failing system. This is a folk rock number of absolute currency.

Feel the Temperature Rising, pursues another time relevancy with just over five minutes of engaging material, both instrumentally and vocally. The EP finds Stuart in a more invective space than when the indie bands blog first took a listen, he carries with the same relish for creating compositions of some considerable complexity and the five minutes pass in a flash, requesting a reply to catch the corners missed.

As Stuart describes his material – pessimist on a good day – so Head Hurts carves a searing scar. A superb piece of writing.

With Cry Wolf, the listener is left with the feeling that they are listening to an internal debate, as Stuart Newman cleverly plays with two voices in the head. The music which has a jauntiness belies the underlying tempest.

51st State concludes the body of the release. The lyrics are a powerful damnation of mass control and to me the highlight of a superb release.

The EP concludes with an alternative version of (We’re Living in) Another Dimension. With the reverb dampened and pre-delay reduced to a minimum the track takes a more immediate sound and demonstrates how mixing can change emphasis on tracks considerably. In this version the vocal is more of a statement. With the original the reverb and echo add an atmosphere of chaos and unrest.

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