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The Fallows

The Fallows is an indie folk rock band from Coventry in England who play a foot stomping UK blues-grass. Ross Darby (Guitar, Vocals), Pete Rutherford (Piano, Vocals, Guitar), Sam Stokes (bass) and Neal Pointon (Violin, Mandolin) have a new single coming out on the 26th August 2012 Front Row.

The Fallows

The Fallows

This is a sound which just demands audience participation and probably best received live. That isn’t to say that the recorded material isn’t worth gathering, as any time you feel like a dance-party The Fallows is an essential for the playlist at some point in the proceedings. The medley of instruments are gathered together and release a sound which pulls in the listener. The joy of music like this, is that it all sounds so simple on the ears, yet demands dexterity from the performers as rapid and complex chord changes keep the music rattling onwards.

I am particularly impressed how the quartet have recaptured the essence of american blues-grass which emanated from Celtic and English Folk and have repatriated it in a modern format without turning on the mid-atlantic drawl, rather delivering what is clearly a home grown musical style and delivery.

As I write this, the temperature is heading up towards the mid twenties, a bbq firing away in the garden and bright sunshine, but….. The Fallows have that ability to make a good day seem even better.


Face the Wolves is available on Face The Wolves - The Fallows*

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