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Emergence is an acoustic indie rock band based in Auroville, Pondicherry in India.  Krishna Mckenzie (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Karthick Iyer (Vocals / Violin), Mishko M’ Ba (Bass) and Suresh Bascara (Drums) make the line-up for the band.



What happens when you combine an  English guitarist, a French Bassist, a French Drummer and an Indian Violinist with Solitude Farm in Auroville, well it is called Emergence.

The music is riven with influences of disparate cultures with Western Style constructions interwoven in to Indian thematics, all is encased within the concept of the Auroville Community. The combination of acoustics and electric bass along with violin catches an inspiring musical concept that delivers a gentleness which doesn’t stray in to sentimentality, but draws the listener in to the space with a sense of exploration. The compositions are highly recognizable as rock rooted songs, but it is the way that the four members of the band manage to take it away from the mainstream that gives Emergence the added value.

Switching tempos and front instruments the band is able to provide a mixture of sounds, that keep the listener engaged.


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