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10 Paces, Fire

10 Paces, Fire from Milwaukee in the USA started life in 2007 since when Todd Johnson (Guitar), Jon Taglienti (Bass), Jeremy Treuden (Drums) and Andy Wambach (Vocals / Guitar) have been developing their progressive – kwela influenced – indie sound.

10 Paces, Fire

10 Paces, Fire

Interestingly on listening to 10 Paces, Fire there is a hint of underlying Kwela running through the material, which when woven in to North American indie rock makes for an appealing differential. The quartet have a few releases behind them, the most recent Lakes Refract & Lakes Reflect which came out in December 2011 is on re-release as vinyl, which can’t help but get a big thumbs up from me.

By adding a touch of South African tempo to the music 10 Paces, Fire move from being yet another band on the street, to an out-fit who are genuinely adding something to the world of music. They are able to inject a sense of energy to what would other-wise be a relatively morose sound-scape.

The material is considered and delivered relevantly to the lyric and the musicians are able to switch tempo and mood with out missing a beat in the process.


Lakes Refract & Lakes Reflect is available digitally from Lakes Refract & Lakes Reflect - EP - 10 Paces, Fire*

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