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The Sea The Sea

The Sea The Sea is an indie-dream rock band from Oxford in England.  The five piece line-up of Matthew Clarkson, Danny Crane-Brewer, David Freeman, Stuart Norfolk and Matteo Cocco have a new limited edition CD available today – 20th April 2013 in support of record store day which is available at  Truck Store in Cowley Road – Oxford – what are you waiting for, come back to the review later…

The Sea The Sea

The Sea The Sea

How could I not set hands to keyboard with the introduction of a band who still supports the local record shop – well yes to be fair, we both know I could if the music was not worth the time. You may expect that I would be set somewhat in to a spin by the rhetorical repetition in the name of The Sea The Sea, but I am not, as it somehow conveys the nature of the dreamlike state of the sounds and rather than sending me off in a flare, raises a smile at the apposite use of language and grammar. Anyway enough of the linguistics… the band and the music…

New off the blocks having been formed in 2012, The Sea The Sea, set out a stall early in their career as the quintet have already laid down some music to hear along with supporting the institution of hard copy music recordings and have gained significant exposure locally including an opening slot for Tall Ships (who Indie Bands Blog reviewed prior to their rise to recognition – back in 2011). I can see these guys also gaining acclaim from those who appreciate musicians with the ability to combine message with texture.

It is late Friday afternoon as I write this review and the music just nestles in to the moment like a tender paw. The sounds are full of depth whilst not pushing the brain to work overtime. Simplicity of Brit-pop is combined with layers of gossamer threads of synths which are incorporated to the final rendition that caresses, yet captivates. I only wish Friday afternoon could extend as I listen to the music that The Sea The Sea wash across the room.

website (be aware music plays immediately)

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