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Green Express

Green Express is the alternative rock quartet of Daniel Green (Guitar / Lead vocal), Lipes (Guitar) , Butch (Bass) and Tomaz Lenz (Drums) from Rio De Janeiro in Brazil.

Green Express

Green Express

Mixing up the styles with nods to psychedelia and grunge, Green Express is at heart a rock ‘n’ roll band with extensions.  Their ability to pipette disparate influences gives the sound a that is at once familiar with a ’70s rock echo, but shimmered with facets of reflection that gives the output a lustre that play well to the ears.

A solid six years on the Brazilian scene sees them launching to an international audience with a four month European tour over the summer of 2013 which will support the release of their new LP GEX.

I often find the South American secretes some genuine gems of rock and Green Express are no exception. The UK looks as-though there is something of a Brazilian rock invasion this year with Moxine also heading over later this year, so if you are in the UK, I suggest fixing up your diary to include these two bands.

If you enjoy music with energy and a dash of panache, Green Express is worth taking more than a few moments to get to know as the garage rock mutations spill across the room filling the head with pulsing beats and layers of sounds.


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