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Dead Wolf Club

Dead Wolf Club is an alternative indie band from Tintagel in England. Alwin, John, Martha and Serra flirt with the lighter edges of distortion.

Dead Wolf Club

Dead Wolf Club

It would be easy to slot the Dead Wolf Club in to a range of genres, but that would be unhelpful as not only would that not be their core sound, but it would be to suggest they are prescriptive and not a vague and spectral beast. Use of low level distortion in much of the material provides a fog under which the essential rolling drum and bass, concentrates create a tension that is exacerbated when the guitars are levelled back to display their delightful ethereal flavour  which is somehow appropriate for a band based in that mystical and slightly cooky corner of England – Cornwall.

The quartet deliver a musical composition that wraps the listener in a cloak of what on first impression appears to be down, until the tipped quills start to dig and you just know this is an outfit with much to offer. I happen to like the vocal delivery for this style of music, however I can imagine this would be a potential point of contention. But it is a bit like moaning at The Fall – it is as it is and forms an essential part of the over-all texture.

Busy as ever having just released their second LP – RAR – which tackles social disenfranchisement with a more mellowed template, yet equal anger as much of what is currently flowing across the alternative scene, whilst continuing to tour across swathes of Southern Britain, with the odd foray further north. I haven’t had the chance to hear them live, but if the recorded material is anything to judge – this would be a superb gig to attend as Dead Wolf Club would take you across a ride of sounds – which whilst disparate are always recognizable for the two levels of interaction that is the backbone of the compositions.

Whilst being based in Cornwall may have served a great purpose in getting an established base, I think these guys are ready to step further afield and up a level. I would be disappointed if they don’t quickly find a level above the well trodden circuit in short order and successfully establish a broad following of fans with wide ranging core genre interest, but who will find in Dead Wolf Club – what is at the core a rock and roll band – the bells and whistles that shade across the darker edges of the mood spectrum.


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