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Ben Rusch

Ben Rusch, is now based in London, having spent time in Germany and Belgium. Having had an interest in writing music from an early age, the route to becoming a solo-artist was a natural progression. He has recently released his 22nd Album, Architects of Time.

Architects of Time - Ben Rusch

Architects of Time - Ben Rusch

Attempting to encapsulate such a prolific artist in a review is futile, Ben Rusch explores where-ever his mind takes him. Influences from Progressive Rock icons, such as Jethro Tull, who have played an influence in his musical development are lost amidst his diversity of out-put.

I enjoy listening to Ben, as an artist who is unafraid to put his heart out for criticism. This ability to confront stereo-types and try something new is a common theme with the most creative solo artists.

Some head for completely new pastures, others such as Ben, bring challenge through composition and the diversity of instrumentation brought to the mix. Clarinet, Violin and piano are introduced to enhance the depth of the composition, which can be counter-balanced with electronics, or perhaps not.

Ben Rusch Nocturnal Flight

With an artist such as Ben, there is no natural home-ground and as a result this music becomes the hidden gem that the Indie Bands Blog seeks to find.


Ben Rusch has the power to fire as deeply as Ian Curtis. The music may not sit naturally to your ear, but give it space and I challenge regular readers of the blog to not find some resonance.

The latest album Architects of Time is available from Architects of Time - Ben Rusch*

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