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Terrakota from Lisbon in Portugal, centred around Junior, Alex, Francesco, Nataniel, David, Marcio and Romì is more of a collective of world music – as musicians from across the globe collaborate with them.



Seen at festivals globally this is a sound to take time out with if you are seeking a retrospective of music from across the world, though influences from the starting point back in 1999 from Burkina Faso and Senegal are never far away. I first came in to contact with Terrakota in connection with the 2009 Ladhak Confluence where bands such as Rajthastan Roots and Bauchklang (Vocal Groove Project) were brought to my attention.

With Terrakota, one moment the listener is firmly rooted in North Western Africa, the next relocated to South America followed by a trip to the Indian Sub-continent. Regardless of where the core tempo and influence lies in each individual track, the ears are transported elegantly in a softly delivered and expressive up-beat mood.

Visually, on stage, an extremely entertaining collective, their recorded music also allows the more distant listener to engage with the excitement and fun of the journey. There is plenty here for the brain to get to grips with and remain fascinated by the stunning breadth of sounds that emerge seamlessly from the speakers.

With a burgeoning fan-base, they will not hit the mainstream, but for those who enjoy exploring the various shapes from and in to which music can be carved, Terrakota is definitely one to add to the must have list.


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