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Band of the week 27th March 2010

I like to see bouncing charts, as it becomes a real reflection of what resonates around the world and this weeks chart sees Paul Liddell take the top slot. I will get a chance to see Paul in the next few weeks and I look forward to it.

Paul Liddell

Paul Liddell

I make an occasional comment on the other placings and we can all see The Drums falling out of the charts for the first time since September caused a hiatus as they re-enter. The band who I have enormous respect for are Kabul Dreams who really are singing out of Kabul in Afghanistan and I am still trying to hook up an interview, who re-appear at number 2 on the chart.

Sometimes I get sad, you know that.

There are some great bands on the chart, I just worry about where the PR agents and Managers head off, I don’t think you will ever see one of these bands playing this intimacy again and two are run by managers, who I do believe are just in it for the income. I’ll talk about it another day, not me to call, the readers choose the chart, not I. It is sad to see bands not being allowed to present themselves, for the sake of publicity shots and income. I hope to get some under the skin interviews coming up soon (If I can fly under the PR radar).

Band of the week chart 27th March 2010

  1. Paul Liddell England (re-entry)
  2. Kabul Dreams Afghanistan (re-entry)
  3. The Gadsens England (+2 places)
  4. Moxine Brazil (new entry)
  5. The Heartbreaks England (+ 3 places)
  6. ‘Liar, My Dear’ – The Heartbreaks from Tambourine Management on Vimeo.

  7. Bombay Bicycle Club England (+ 4 places)
  8. Elephantom USA (- 3 places)
  9. The Drums USA (re-entry)
  10. Reader’s Wives Ireland (unchanged)
  11. The XX England (- 3 places)

Paul Liddell has just released a superb new EP Help Yourself Float, which well deserves the top spot for the week.

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4 Responses to “Band of the week 27th March 2010”
  1. Periplo says:

    “It is sad to see bands not being allowed to present themselves, for the sake of publicity shots and income.”

    That’s why you are here… thanks!

    • Tim says:

      I think that was a vote of confidence Periplo?

      I am looking forward to news of your next musical moves.

      As ever a fan of the work you put in to what you do

      • Periplo says:

        Thanks!! Well, I’m mastering right now, wich is difficult and boring sometimes. But don’t worry, I’ll let you know when the album is finally pusblished.


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