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Bark Bark Disco

Bark Bark Disco centres around Morris Woodcock from St. Julians in Malta, can also be found in Berlin in Germany with the lo-fi indie vehicle.

Bark Bark Disco

Bark Bark Disco

Back in early 2010 I first came across Bark Bark Disco and over that time the sound remains immediately identifiable with blistering enthusiastic ’70s New Wave roaring out of the speakers. Not trying to create an orchestral composition, the music is straightforward,  to work with this needs to be tight and that is certainly one of the hallmarks of the sound. Everything extraneous is stripped away leaving the listener to engage with a sound that lifts the spirits with the jaunty tempo spearing its way in to the ears.

Tales of emotional turmoil tumble through the lyrics which are neatly delivered inside the bright baubles of the sound. There is no-one aspect of this sound that I can describe which does it justice, but that moment before hitting the play button is like seeing a highly decorated and smartly wrapped present knowing that the gift inside will be even better.

Bark Bark Disco is one of those bands that demonstrate how far less can often offer so much more. The only thing I don’t like is that the songs end.


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