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Why Write?

From Denmark, Why Write? is a new project by Jacob Faurholt, who has considerable success as solo artist and with Sweetie Pie Wilbur. Why Write? is Jacobs’ vehicle for a a trippy sound, which harks back to the early ninties and gives him the opportunity to collaborate with long term colleagues and friends.

Why Write? Photo Þórdís Magnea Jónsdóttir

Why Write? Photo Þórdís Magnea Jónsdóttir

It is always great to hear artists who decide to try out something a little different. Jacoub has taken the opportunity to create a whole new vehicle, to explore his creativity with colleagues he has known over the years.

This is ideal music for a quiet afternoon, or on getting back home in the early hours, as the sounds bounce back and forth in the ears, with some great use of reverb. The pitch is superb as Why Write? take you on a lazy spell of relaxation. Nothing to complicated to force the brain to work too hard, but don’t be mistaken by that. This is highly competent and well written music, which creates the calmness because it it well crafted. Far too many bands try to play this type of music and use complicated layers and echo, which does little but confuse the mind, completely failing in its effect. Why Write? has hit the bulls-eye with this.

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As an experimental collaboration, the plans are up in the air after the release of the eponymous 5 track EP Why Write ? - Why Write ?. *

Keep in touch with the indie bands blog to find out where Why Write? decide to go next.

*Any purchase made using the Why Write ? - Why Write ? link will result in the indie bands blog receiving a commission.

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