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Ceilí Moss

Ceilí Moss from Namur in Belgium have been around a few years, though the current line up of: Matthieu Collard (fiddle), Stéphane Jalhay (lead guitars, banjo), Laurent Leemans (lead vocals, rythm guitars, percussion), Thibaud Misson (double bass), Jérémy Pinera (drums) and Yves Van Elst (transverse flute, pipes, backing vocals) came in to being in 2009. Ceilí Moss, are an acoustic led folk rock band with, as they describe it, attitude.

Ceilí Moss

Ceilí Moss

Having spent some time in Belgium, my abiding memory is of frites and beer, but there is far more to the country and Ceilí Moss are an interesting introduction to the Belgian music scene. Vocal is delivered in French with some English and is supported by some stomping tempo which has connections with the likes of The Pogues.

After more than 14 years of existence, the music is as tight as you would expect, but of far more importance it is delivered with enthusiasm and creativity. Instruments blend  and vibrate, generating folk that has all the essential earthy ingredients, whilst not carrying that drone which is so often prevalent.

I don’t often find myself thinking that an acoustic folk outfit would sit well in an energetic party mix, but Ceilí Moss are far more than yet another folk band.


Be There & Be Drunk! is a good introduction to the band and is available on Be There & Be Drunk! - Ceili Moss*
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