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Eatliz are a six piece band from Tel Aviv in Israel. Lee Triffon (vocals), Guy Ben Shetrit (guitar),  Or Bahir (guitar), Omry Hanegby (drums), Amit Erez (guitar) and Hadar Green (bass) are the line up of this international touring band who have been revealing their blend of indie rock through expressive video and ever changing stage sets since 2001.



With constructive use of the six band members, Eatliz, are able to stage spectacular shows, whilst not loosing the sense of their music. A cornucopia of influences are fed through the group and emerge as superbly constructed pieces of work.

They are a band who demonstrate the ability to generate almost orchestra sounding creations, following with far simpler indie sounds, yet all the time building the music forward with a momentum and energy which keeps the listener engaged.

They keep the intonation simple enough to not loose sight of the direction, while adding complexity and layer to the overall effect, which provides, even purely aurally, a sense of the theatrical.

It is of little surprise the band are regular featured artists on festivals around the world.

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