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Dub Addiction

Dub Addiction from Phnom Pehn in Cambodia is a ragga dub collective comprising Sebastian Adnot (Bass), Benoit Carre (Guitar), Toma Willen (Drums), Kaë Lhassàn (Keys), MC Curly (Vocals) and Professor Kinski (Vocals / FX)

Dub Addiction

Dub Addiction

Pulling together sounds from the Carribean in the ’70s and ’80s and adding hip-hop to the mix Dub Addiction bring a new flavour to the sounds emerging from Cambodia. Eschewing, in the main, local derivatives the collective is going down well at home and their music has the ability to travel outside the home borders.

Bringing together Khymer, Senagalese, and French vocals Dub Addiction already possess a wide global reach. The sounds are layered in the sub-woofer over which the instruments and keys and vocal trail their path. The combination of classic dub reggae roots with Urban hip-hop plays well to the ears and the natural development of hip-hop is neatly laid out in the compositions which naturally drill their way in to the audience.

What makes the collective an appealing proposition is the natural style they have developed in a genre which can sound contrived and formulaic. The mix of native influences peals through the speakers effortlessly, entrancing the listener with the breadth of floating notes and captivating vocal over-lay.

Once again I was delighted to receive an introduction from the team at Metal Postcards – based in Hong Kong – who have a superb handle on the music from the Far East.


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