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The Fox & The Hounds

The Fox & The Hounds is - Kendel Lester (Vocals / Songwriter), Tony Panico (Drums), Kara Poe (Vocals / Violin), Steve Howe (Guitar), Sam Crossland (Vocals / Keys) and Ira Ochs (Bass) who make up the alternative Rock’n'Roll band from Chicago in the USA.

The Fox & The Hounds

The Fox & The Hounds

You just know by the line-up and instruments this is no usual proffering and it was with some interest I hit play and even more delightfully The Fox & The Hounds is not some random collection of players, but a well honed out-fit. The compositions, which have a theatrical feel aurally, are cleverly composed, indicating within this collection there are some highly inventive minds and equally as importantly they deliver complexities with ease, which enables the listener to sit engrossed in the out-put. I am given to understand their live performances are delivered with equal flourish – though fitting it all on a band stage isn’t always that easy (watch the cymbals nearly toppling over in the video at 2:24).

By very necessity, with this number of players, the performances are choreographed, but not stilted and inside that professionalism the listener is still left with a sense that these are musicians who are enjoying their creations. Chamber orchestras, rock ballads, Romany folk, Cabaret and much more sits within the layers of sound that The Fox & The Hounds deliver and in my view, this is another of those bands that – on one day you will insist on hearing repeatedly, another – will wonder why you have it on your playlist – and that somehow sums up the emotive context of music in general, where one persons perfection is another’s caterwaul, which extends to the individual too, dependant on mood and moment.

However you feel about the musical out-put, it is not possible to be other than appreciative of the – bravado, dexterity and abilities displayed by the talent within The Fox & Hounds. So it is with some confidence that I recommend setting aside your musical foibles and raise with me a glass to the sextet for doing what they do and adding much to the world of music.

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