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Wet Wolf

Wet Wolf from Edison in the USA are an experimental trio comprising –  Jenny (Vocals /Guitars), Ben Ross (percussion / air driven keyboards) and Mike Noordzy  (Bb clarinet and assorted trinkets). Does that B flat clarinet precision mean this is only music for geeks?

Wet Wolf

Wet Wolf

Regular readers will know I am always interested in exploring experimental music, though I must say when I received the introduction from Nacht Records, I expected a German label, on finding it to be an American band I feared some horror story, but perseverance always in my experience, delivers nuggets and here we are with the nugget of Wet Wolf.

I can’t pretend this will sit with every reader of the site, but give the band some space. I am not sure about the ‘horror feminist’ label they tag themselves with, but that isn’t relevant.

With little boundary fencing, Wet Wolf stride a discordance with confidence. The haunting Clarinet enables the band to wander in to spaces new as the other instrumentation crashes in from acute angles and the vocal hesitantly drops in and out. I guess this style of experimentation is as divisive as ‘modern art’, it either resonates, or it is a searing racket.

I think the trio have found a valid space to explore and the interesting mix of instrumentation permits them the opportunity to demonstrate some ingenious creative imaginativeness.


Having been around since mid 2011 – 2012 should be an interesting development phase.

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