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Florida, from New York – USA, are a collective of musicians comprising: daniel rineer, cj jankow, jorban, teruhisa uchiyama, reverberating ryan hamilton, scary jon martinez, and sean hamilton, who combine to generate a sound which fuses psychedelia and lo-fi pop.



Florida, are another of the experimental bands to be associated with Shdwply records. Attempting to sum up any particular style of playing is to miss the whole point of bands such as Florida. The joy of a band such as this, is the sheer range of musical output, one track using echo and distortion, another acoustic and structured in traditional verse, chorus format, with yet another piece floating in to a psychedelic kaleidoscope of sounds.

There is a distinctive sound to Florida, which despite the disparity of output is recognizable. Perhaps I have spent too many years listening to the weird and wonderful output that is experimental rock, but I strongly believe that bands such as Florida should be given more exposure. The music is not immediately accessible to everyone and I include myself here. Again, as I have commented on other similar bands, being experimental is easy, being creative experimental and getting it all to work is something very few can achieve and Florida are one of the few.

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With a 7″ single  Haunted House, coming out on 25th December and a tour in February I hope Florida manage to attain more profile.

Thanks to Matt from Shdwply for getting in touch.

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