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Competition time with Audio Rokit

Well in reality the competition isn’t one I am running, but as a way of saying thanks I thought I would link up with another website and hope that one of the readers of the indie bands blog strikes lucky.

If you are not in the UK, don’t expect the competition to excite you too much, but I will find a suitable video to run at the end of the article, so please don’t run away.

Now about that competition, it needs a thinking hat. Yes, thanks Tim, but what is the prize… Oh yes, good point.

Audio Rokit are proud to announce that they will be one of the judges at this years Surface Festival “Battle of The Bands” finals at O2 Arena (IndigO2) London on 1st October, 2011. They are giving away 10 tickets and a great chance to see 21 of the finest emerging bands from around Europe.

The Surface Festival???

To enter you just need to get your head round this question How do you think we should promote Audio Rokit to reach more musicians?  and as it is the weekend, you have time to consider your answers (take a look at Audio Rokit – a song pitching website for emerging artists, while you get your thinking cap on), but make sure you enter by the 20th September, although the draw is on the 25th, if your deadlines are like mine, forget the 25th and go with the 20th.

You need to head away from here to enter the competition and get all the finer details, not to mention find out what Audio Rokit is all about, click on the image below and the magic of the interwebs will whisk you away to Audio Rokit, just don’t forget to come back and in the mean time join indie bands blog on twitter.

Audio Rokit

Audio Rokit

Good luck and don’t forget to let us all know if you are one of the winners.

Now for a video that relates to my luck in competitions…

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