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New Year Ninety 2013 10 – 2

I hope you have enjoyed the run down of the New Year Ninety which is only made possible by the readers as it isn’t an Editors picklist – so thank you once again for taking the time for me to witter on and continuing to read the website.

The most common question I am asked is – How can I XYZ get reviewed – well the simple answer is – drop me some music – If you are a band or a supporter – please – do drop me a note. I will always get there – you will always get a reply – but it may not be tomorrow.

Indie Bands Blog

Indie Bands Blog

Anyway we now head to the 10 – 2 spots.

10 – Tiger Love (England)

Pussy Cocaine is available on Pussy Cocaine - Single - Tiger Love*

9 – Inspire Influence (Canada)

Planet Destroyer is available on Planet Destroyer - EP - Inspire Influence*

8 – Slint (USA)

Spiderland is available on Spiderland - Slint*

7 – Hot Babes (USA)

6 – The Pins (England)

5 – The Struts (England)

4 – Dirty Panties (USA)

I Am A Robot is available on I Am a Robot - The Dirty Panties*

3 – Tall Ships (England)

There Is Nothing But Chemistry Here is available on There Is Nothing But Chemistry Here - EP - Tall Ships*

2 – The Vex (England) – Formerly known as Krakatoa.

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*Purchases made through the Pussy Cocaine - Single - Tiger Love links will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.

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