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Competition time – Pink Narcissus

Pink Narcissus have been good enough to let us offer a signed copy of their new CD Block Your Ears / Shield Your Eyes, in a free to enter competition. Block Your Ears / Shield Your Eyes review. To enter – sign up for our free newsletter by Saturday 15th October 2011 and answer one […]

Competition time with Audio Rokit

Well in reality the competition isn’t one I am running, but as a way of saying thanks I thought I would link up with another website and hope that one of the readers of the indie bands blog strikes lucky. If you are not in the UK, don’t expect the competition to excite you too […]

There is a thin line between work and play

Sponsored article This easy to enter competition – A thin line between work and play – being run by Dell, matches neatly with the Website, as it is as simple as choosing your two favourite tracks, one for work and the other for play. In return, for selecting your two favourite tracks, there are two […]

Day V Lately | Pulse and Thunder

Day V Lately Pulse and Thunder an easy to enter treasure hunt up and down the mainland. This is a Sponsored article on behalf of  Yell Sometimes there are really interesting campaigns and offers around, but most don’t bear any relation to the indie bands blog. On this occasion, this fits like a glove and […]