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Polarsets from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne as opposed to Newcastle-under-Lyme, well it is a world of difference in the UK.  Any way trying to get back to space with PolarsetsRob Howe – (Vocals/Guitar)  Mickey Smith – (Bass/Vocals)  James Rudd – (Drums/Vocals), well in fact they are actually from further North East – Whitby, have been around since 2009.



The trouble I have with this band is there isn’t enough material. Individual tracks are sublime, but there are only four of them, so how can I review a band on this little material. Well, the reason is, that is vies with Bronski Beat comfortably and as we are now… goodness knows how many years on, the sounds have been updated.

If you recall Somerville, you will get the connection. This isn’t an octave above, it is ‘that space’ which the trio fit with comfort. Electro beats come banging out of the speakers with little construct, but it doesn’t matter, the tempo just wafts it away as a glitch in edit.  There are times when getting it all wrong makes so much sense, please keep it as discordant as you do, love it.



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