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My First Robot

The electronic rock band, My First Robot, from Trier in Germany comprise Jim FeichtnerChristian Kremer, Stefan Feichtner and Ivan Beres. They have had some success in raising finance for their debut album, which is set for release in November 2011.

My First Robot

My First Robot

Time and tide wait for no man and it is over a year since My First Robot came to my attention.

There is no mistaking this for what it is, German electro-beats pour out in earnest. They superbly layer guitar and vocal to generate a highly energetic and engaging sound, adding a depth of rock. Why are so many German bands so good at taking the mundane sound of equalizers and send shots of interest in to the ears? The music saws between gadgetry and guitar, each adding real interest, which just demands the volume to be turned ever higher.

My First Robot successfully negotiate the chasm between wall-paper and over-produced, to leave the audience in a space where, ‘more…’ is the only natural response.   It is never easy to type while listening to sounds that demand physical input, but needs must or else it will be another 12 months before I get round to another attempt while St Vitus Dance takes over my fingers.

Shame there is only a small out-take to post on the website:

But the good news is there is an extended playlist on their myspace page.

I will endeavour to get a review of the album written as soon as it becomes available to me.

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