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Sleepwalker’s Station

Sleepwalker’s Station from Berlin in Germany can be found across the festival circuit throughout Europe. The indie folk band, made up of Daniel (Vocal / Guitar / Piano / Harmonica), Giulia (Slide guitar / Vocals), FRX (Cello), Andy (Percussion), Vic (Guitars), Pila/Felix (Drums), J.D/Anis (Bass), Julia (Vocals) and Hannes (double bass / synths), came to fruition in late 1998.

Sleepwalker's Station

Sleepwalker's Station

Whilst unsurprisingly Sleepwalker’s Station compose fairly complex and intricate constructions, the out-put is light and relaxing on the ear. Through the use of different instrumentation across songs the band delivers a sparkling freshness to each track. With the maturity of the cohesion of the unit, there is a strong bond between the players, which emerges to the audience as confident and sympathetically delivered music.

There is no rushing through the material as the players allow the pieces to develop at their own pace to reach a natural conclusion. The engaging twists to the sound, afford a real sense of value to the out-put which, takes the listener on a comforting journey. This is an ideal space in which to settle for a while to refresh the mind and I would imagine they are well received on the festival circuit, where the material finds a natural home.


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