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From Montevideo in Uruguay, the four piece band Solar, play music which reflects the life around them. matias (drums) miguelo (bass) fabrizio (guitar and vocals) joaquin (guitar and vocals) play what can best be described as abstract rock, as they break away from the more traditional verse / Chorus format.



Solar aim for a more abstract format as their output reflect the uncertain path of life. While the songs challenge because of the structure, they are effective communicators, as the sense of expectation and disappointment is encapsulated in the composition and the music follows a process which makes perfect sense. The inter-play between the guitars makes for some great instrumental interludes, while bass and drum are challenged to maintain a structure to the whole piece and Solar pull this out of the bag with great credit. Tempo changes and mood swings abound in many of the tracks as they paint their pictures through their music.

sueño del auto

solar | MySpace Video

Thanks Joaquin for the help with my poor Spanish.

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  1. fan says:

    for download the albums click http://www.solar.com.uy

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