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Moxine from São Paulo in Brazil, got together at the end of 2008 with the desire to communicate through the medium of music. Having just returned from their first international gig at SxSW and an invitation to play in Liverpool, they are finding a wider platform in which to communicate.

Monica Agena (vocal and guitar), Hagape Cakau (bass and backing vocals) teamed up with Caju (drums and backing vocals) and Gianni Dias (guitar and backing vocals). Monica was a session guitarist before forming Moxine and songs develop through the guitar riff.



Singing in English, rather than Portuguese, Moxine superbly display their craft to a wide audience. Influences from rock and samba beats are merged creatively to generate a sound which works on so many levels.

Not setting out to revolutionize music, Moxine have successfully fused a mix of tempos to create music which can only draw a smile and a sense of well-being. Their out-put is undoubtedly commercially attractive, which as reader’s of the blog will know causes an immediate cause for concern, but they rise above this challenge, as they have a natural and honest sound.

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With a recent EP, Electric Kiss, having been released and an ever growing popularity in Brazil, I look forward to catching them in the UK soon.

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