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Bronze Medallists

Bronze Medallists is a band from London in England comprising of Oliver Price, Oliver Sheppard, Ben Ferrari and Luke Roberts. Back in 2009 they had an idea and now we find that idea becoming an electro-pop reality.

Bronze Medallists

Bronze Medallists

The self-effacing name just meant I had to take a listen and it made sense. The music is as understated as the band name, yet the lyrics are the ego for the material. This dichotomy can not fail but to intrigue, a fine balance Bronze Medallists teeter along, on the right side of the equation.

The electronics come spinning out in to the room like steel nails dropping from a pocket, swiftly followed by the magnetic hypnosis of the vocal which rapidly aligns the sonics. Do you remember iron filings and two horse shoe magnets? If not, that analogy will mean nothing.

There is a power to Bronze Medallists which relies  absolutely on the cohesion of the quartet, the vocal leads and the instrumentation flows in perfect rhythm, but remove either component and there is but chaos. This visceral balance creates the edge that makes for a superb combination and raises the band to a new space. Each section attempting to out-compete, yet matching point for point, most bands can’t make sense of this conflict and implode to dust, but the guys in the band have common bond which enables them to utilise the foils to sublime effect.

Mathematics from Bronze Medallists on Vimeo.


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