The Dirty Panties

I am delighted to introduce the rough and ready rough-cut rock band Dirty Panties the four piece Barbara, Moe, Melanie and Animal based in Las Vegas in the USA.

The Dirty Panties

The Dirty Panties

Punk Rock was a social, political and musical movement of its time. 30 odd years on labelling a band as Punk is as demeaning of the new bands as it is of the world in the late ’70s that was in many ways instrumental in creating the ‘indie’ the space. It is as offensive as pretending to describe a band as Roots Blues which fought a bastion of racism that the current generation cannot fathom. There are a myriad of other terms that lie as a no-no, but Punk is one that hits home personally, as regular readers will know.The musical influences may lie in the genre, but the music is not of that space. I think now is enough of the side-step, so let’s take a consideration of The Dirty Panties.

An infusion of high tempo and raw cuts sears the ears as The Dirty Panties wrack out riffs that saw in to the very structural skeleton. The ladies are ones to meet live as this is music which resonates of energy overpowering the Amps and no matter which way you tweak the speakers the in-flesh performance you just know will be even more engrossing. Fortunately for those of us over three thousand miles away there is a tunette available to rack up on a night of engrossing music.


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