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Apophenia an indie rock band from New York in the USA has an interesting line-up of Seamus Kerley (Vocals / Guitar / Piano), Nadeem “deemy” Ahmed (Guitar / Effects / Vocals), Charles “trey” Norris III (Drums / Vocals), Jason “Jay Karnell” Norris (Keys/ Looping / Vocals) and Eugene Rogers III (Bass / Vocals) better known as musicians in established acts, Apophenia eschews the label process and is totally committed to DIY Indie Rock.



It is that absolute focus on the DIY ethic that draws me to Apophenia, many of the bands reviewed on the Indie Bands Blog are ultimately seeking the old school recording contract with a major, whilst these guys who could probably get a sign-up without dropping a note, are completely focussed on doing their own thing in their own space.

Regardless of the genre of music you prefer on hitting play there is no doubt at all, these are incredibly talented musicians who are able to score some stupendous melodies. It is all a little too perfect for my tender ears. In the same way that I appreciate Bach for his musical genius, but there is absolutely no possibility I would sit through one of his Chorales, so I find myself with Apophenia. They will gain some well deserved International success and enthral lovers of indie festival head-line acts and I wish them all the best for the future.

If you enjoy immense tunes with superb production qualities, then I would highly recommend Apophenia, either way their ethic is an inspiration and for this alone I am delighted to have had the opportunity to write about the band.


The eponymous LP is available on Apophenia - Apophenia*

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