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Mooner is a melodic rock band from Chicago in the USA. Originally formed as a solo project by Lee Ketch (guitars / lead vocal) in Portland in 2007, not until 2011 did the band take shape and a move to Chicago has seen additional line-up changes to (in addition to Lee) David Ketch (guitar), Dann Morr (Bass) and Adam Bonich (drums /percussion).



Fused with melodies and mild temperament the original Ketch concept of guitar infusion is retained and the two guitars are able to sing in sweet harmony as they deliver a sentimental and slightly retrospective ride. That isn’t to say bass, drum and vocal are redundant, far from it, the very core of the material demands a full line-up as the guitars are not left to travel distant solo extremes, rather deliver a gently aired duet of inter-relationship.

Perhaps a little more sentimental than I would like, that is a judgement on myself not the quality of the music as it isn’t saccharine sweetness as the concepts struggle with personal relationships, laying down a sound that while it has the blurred effect of a love-in, is far more critical and the scintillating compositions are of immense quality.

A recent EP – Unpronouncable Name - released in November 2012 – is a good place to get to know the band and for me the stand-out track is one that extends to well over 5 minutes – Never Alone, which also happens to be – in shortened performance – one of very few videos made by Mooner, but to do full justice to the song here is the full audio version.


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