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Jen Kwok

Sometimes it is just good to stand back and have fun and thanks to Jen Kwok the New York, USA, based solo Ukulele player and Comedienne, today seems like a good time so to do.

Jen Kwok Photo by Phil Nee

Jen Kwok Photo by Phil Nee

I could write all sorts of highfalutin sentences about the pastiche of the acerbity of wit and the delicate instrumentation, but I think I will just kick back my heels and I hope this makes for as raised smiles on your faces as it does on mine. Oh and by the way – the video is full of expletives.

I am reminded of the sharp daggers thrown by Cosmo Jarvis.

No – this isn’t the expletives video -

You know the principal that Accountants have no sense of humour? Well, Jen graduated with a Business Major and wandered off to Ernst & Young where she trained as an Auditor, which kind of sits in the right space with me. As regular readers will have noted, despite my predilection to ’70s Punk and having sung in a South London Punk Band, I spent some time in Professional Services, but if you haven’t caught up, don’t let me ruin a back-read and of course more drops to come in future posts. (yes this video is the one).


Thanks for that Jen, this has spruced up the site nicely.

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