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Into Arcadia

Into Arcadia the alternative post-crash band based in Milwaukee in the USA comprises Otto Ohlsson (Guitar / Vocal), Kenny Buesing (Guitar / Keys), Antonio Ninham (Drums) and Zach Steiner (Bass).

Into Arcadia

Into Arcadia

For those of a keen ear you will not be surprised to learn that Otto is originally from Manchester – England, as you will hear the sounds of Warsaw and Factory Records spinning in to the room. From time to time it is important to try and inject a new musical definition. I could describe Into Arcadia as post modern punk which has no relevance in the context of 2012. So I think alternative post-crash makes far more sense. It is a darker and more considered dialectal rage in the same way the Warsaw (aka Joy Division) were to the 3 minute explosions of  Punk Rock.

Does that interjection add a jot of note to the material which Into Arcadia serve out of the turntable, well, absolutely yes. This rumbles of an intellectually considered juxtaposition in which the world seems speared like a fish on a spear, floundering and helpless, but not yet given up. Beautifully composed melodics are harnessed to a melancholic bass, strewing angst across the room until the calming and scintillating vocal sweeps the material in to a shape which has the listener reaching out a hand of hope and finding an engagement of post apocalyptic cohesion.


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