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From Monterrey in Mexico we find Vicko Montemayor (Guitar / Vocal),  Marcel Montemayor (Bass / Vocal),  Manuel Ortega (Percussion),  Noe Constantino (Keys / Vocal) and Adrian Gzz (Drums) who make up the alternative indie band Vigogabelah.



I was wondering which part of the Atlantic ocean shoreline Vigogabelah didn’t take in as an influence. Caribbean, Latino, Rock and African rhythms all meld in to the shifting landscape. This is like a smartly poured cocktail, blends of flavours don’t fight each other, rather sink down the throat whilst weaving it’s magic and so the listener is lulled in to the space. Good times beckon, with a hint of the darker shadows and it is this undertone that lifts the whole piece.

The players are able to work together to create an energetic somnambulism; now if that isn’t an oxymoron who knows what is? But somehow that captures the anti-nomothetic structures with which the band plays and more importantly delivers to the edification of the listener. Switching between Spanish and English the lyric remains always transfixing, but it is the sheer ability of the band to pack so many avenues in to a sound that despite it all makes perfect sense and more than that makes the world seem a better space for it, that grabs attention.

I am happy to sit in these waters for some considerable time and thank you Vigogabelah for adding a Sargasso Sea to the mix of music.


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