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Band of the Month September 2012

The Band of the Month top ten chart for September 2012. The bands from five nations not only geographically are distant, but also musically. 1. imagineIAM (USA) Merry Go Round is available on * 2. The YuYa (England) A Boy, A Queen & A Fish is available on * 3. Maybe The Welders (USA) The Hot […]

Band of the Week 2nd to 8th September 2012

The Band of the Week top five chart for 2nd to 8th September 2012 contains bands from five different countries spread over three continents. 1. Tsigoti (Italy) The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again is available on * 2. The YuYa (England) Kill Lucy is available on * 3. The Smösh (Mexico) 4. PROECT321EXPLOSION (Australia)   5. […]

The Smösh

The Smösh is an alternative indie rock band composed of Hugo, Zavido, Jaime and Marcelo from Tampico Tamaulipas in Mexico. As I write early in the morning this is a delightful space in which to dwell. Shimmers of shoegaze and ambient rock are held together by piriform glue delivering a sound that pulls the listener in to the web of mystery. Echoed […]