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The Vliets – God’s Drug – EP review

The Vliets has just released a new four track EP – God’s Drug (yesterday infact – the 28th September 2012). It has been just over a year since I last reviewed The Vliets and that time has been well spent by the band. With band members relocating across the USA this release has taken a while longer than planned.

The Vliets - God's Drug

The Vliets – God’s Drug

Opening the release with title track, immediately it is noticeable that the sound has gained in substance, the opener is driven by a sonic bass that adds gravitas to a track that otherwise has the listener floating on the ceiling ingesting mescalin.

Pale Solar Stream takes the brain on an extended five and a half minutes of subcutaneous journey as the music melts in to the brain and flashing spectrum’s of sound disappear in to the veins, emerging in the head with astonishing power as once again the judicious use of lower register notes pulse throughout the track.

Chrysanthemum somehow seems an apposite track title to appear in this release which is deeply rooted in psychedelia and the briefest track on the release at just under three and a half minutes delivers at a higher pitch a somatosensory intensive experience.

Concluding the EP with over six minutes of music with Velvet Sea, which is an intriguing composition. This is the most overtly ‘traditional’ rock constructed track and as such makes for a diverting appendage to God’s Drug. Despite its ‘normality’ The Vliets are able to slice open the notes to aural investigation and the slowly echoing rise and fall of the sounds takes the audience on a subliminal journey across the spread of the influences which sit within the band that are often disguised beneath the transcendental  meditative moods.

Despite the geographic differences, I hope that The Vliets is able to continue to work together as a constant unit as the development in sound and breadth sets the band up with the potential for an interesting future.

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