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Andy De Rosa and Electric Mojo | Girl From New York City EP

Andy De Rosa and Electric Mojo have their new EP  Girl From New York City coming out on 20th March 2011. I am pleased to be able to provide a pre-release review from this well established band.

Andy De Rosa and Electric Mojo | Girl From New York City

Andy De Rosa and Electric Mojo | Girl From New York City

The band have taken considerable care with this four track EP generating a well rounded and technically strong release.

Opening with Girl From New York City, which is a powerful rock number to open the EP. Just over 3 minutes of superbly constructed rock, which would by its very nature sit well with me, as I am reminded of music by UK Subs. Rock ‘n’ Roll isn’t a cliche when it is played like this. Thumping drums and laden guitar combine comfortably, to create a hear pumping  piece of music.

Got No Name is a swaying piece of story telling, with a great rhythm. Finding myself drawn to Mid-West Blues, Andy De Rosa and Electric Mojo, keep this right on track, as they refrain from generating a shadow of a genre, rather pushing the style to explore a new space. A really enjoyable and well constructed 4 minute blast of music, with a superbly formed chorus.

Can a 9 minute track work? I would be the first in line to chant – No Way. However, the band tackle the ironically named I Need Some Time, with enthusiasm and some useful hooks. The tests to a tack of this length are: Is it self-indulgent, Is it padded? How many minutes could have been pared back. All to often the answer to the first two is yes, resulting in the answer to the third being, the whole lot of it. Well I will step away from the first in line cynic and can happily say that the answers are no, no and none. Breaks are relevant, adding to a storyboard and the pace of the song fills out the piece neatly. This is a chance for Andy De Rosa and Electric Mojo, to either fall completely on their face, or  develop some real insight and, with no doubt they are in the latter camp. The intricate guitar remains ever relevant to the track as they explore a a sound space with composure and alacrity, retaining the fresh enthusiasm throughout. The band posed themselves a test and passed with flying colours.

Finishing with Lousie, a more considered and worldly wise track, which again, could stumble in to the cracks of self-indulgence, is a highly effective creation and a fitting round off to a well written and produced EP.

Girl From New York City is available from our  bandcamp store.

To discover more about the band, see our review.

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