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Sacred Sun

Sacred Sun is Aleksandra Kiseleva (vocals /guitar), Igor Zaika (guitar), Evgeniy Alibegov (bass) and Oleg Kryukov (drums) an alternative rock band from Sumy in The Ukraine.

Sacred Sun

Sacred Sun

After a number of false starts but now back in the starting blocks, Sacred Sun, sweep the room with an undercurrent of driven rock that they mix up with haunting melodies. Whilst there is only a limited amount of new material to hear, what there is – is in good order and I look forward to getting to grips with more songs in time.

The combination of metal rock with what has the marks of classical composition creates a sound that is full of atmosphere and the listener is left feeling they are engaging with a group of musicians who will have something interesting to add to the world of music once they cement their own roots. I can imagine the vocal jarring with some and I sit in a quandary as to whether it would be better sung in native tongue, then the next moment it fits like a glove, but that is a minor quibble. The music contains depth and variation in abundance which keeps the listener engaged with the sounds emerging in to the room.

I can’t say Sacred Sun will sit at the top of my playlist – but I will certainly be more than happy to take them for a run out on occasion.

website (In Cyrillic)

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