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Black Nevada

Black Nevada from Shildon in England is the rock out-fit comprising Jordan Bailey (Guitar / Vocals), Anthony Fish (Bass / Backing Vocals), George Tait (Lead Guitar) and Cameron Dunn (Drums).

Black Nevada

Black Nevada

A surging energy sweeps across the room on hitting play as Black Nevada deliver their high octane instrumentally powerful rock. Originally called The Fallen, when starting out just over a year ago, they decided a name change – though not a change in musical direction. Their deployment of instruments and style of playing enables the band to add an interest to what is at the core back to the floor rock ‘n’ roll.

The combination of  percussion and bass are what immediately captures my attention, which will come as no surprise. For those who prefer the higher octaves of the lead and rhythm there is plenty to engage as the quartet of players bounce levels against each other to create a coherent and appealing accompaniment to the vocals.

Instrumentally the material is strong as they are able to deliver tracks which, whilst remaining on direction contain enough sideways travel to keep the listener fully engaged. Lyrically, these are songs for rock audiences to sing along with so do not stretch the memory too far, but that is no bad thing for a band who have a powerful and intense delivery that demands audience engagement not passive listening.

Black Nevada have made an impressive start and have a new EP – Rising Evolution recently released.


Rising Evolution – EP – Black Nevada is available on iTunes*.

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