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My Glorious

My Glorious, a trio from Austria comprise Sami (vocals and guitar) and twins Paul (drums) and Gregor (bass). Formed from the embers of the five piece outfit Fresh in 2008, with Sami taking on the role of lead singer.

While nominally based Austria (Sami himself is half English/ Austrian), My Glorious spend the majority of their time out on the road touring, four US tours behind them and a German tour just started.

My Glorious

My Glorious

My Glorious play music in a crowded space, I can’t even guess the number of bands I receive details from who play this style of indie rock and the vast majority sound like a poor copy of U2, if that isn’t an oxymoron in itself. So it was with a rapidly beating heart, not in a good way, that I listened to the tracks that Astrid (PR) had pointed me towards, but my fears were dispelled immediately.

What makes for a good sounding band? If there was a formula I guess everyone would sound the same, but one essential ingredient has to be passion, mixed with creativity and this comes in shovel loads from My Glorious, who are able to take a three piece outfit and create an output which at one has large venue chords, with a sense of intimacy, that would work in confined space. I mentioned on the review of their recent album Home is Where The Heart Breaks, that the music can sustain maximum volume, but also benefits, due to its depth to a quieter setting.

Their reflection on everyday life makes the music accessible and the way that they develop songs so that the lyric and musical framework make a sense as a whole, to me, marks them out in this genre. While there is a distinctive velvety sound to the music, they are able to take this to new places, soft fuzz guitar is replaced byanthemic rock drumming and the trio handle the changes with some considerable expertise.

I don’t often run two videos on an article and never before a drum intermission, but this clip I think demonstrates a band who are not only serious musicians, but know how to enjoy themselves and put on a show.

band website

I haven’t had the chance to see them live so far, but hope to be able to remedy that soon.

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