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Indie Bands Blog still exists with a new URL

After four years on this URL there is a fresh home for Indie Bands Blog – Emerging Indie Bands – and I look forward to catching up with you on the new home for the best new bands from around the world.

Middle Class Fashion – Jungle – LP review

It was January 2012 that I reviewed a 14 track LP – Girl Talk by Middle Class Fashion and they return with another 14 track LP Jungle – set for release on the 2nd August 2013. Opening with piano chords – Wanted – takes us into the space that is Middle Class Fashion with aplomb […]

Face The King – The Sound – EP review

It was almost a year ago that I first introduced Face The King and they have just released a new four track EP – The Sound – ahead of their forthcoming LP. Opening with You, Me & The Sound there is an immediate sense of urgency that rolls out of the speakers as Face The King […]

Happy birthday to Julie Norbury – the co-founder of the Indie Bands Blog

Today Julie Norbury the co-founder of the Indie Bands Blog would have been 41 and I would like to take a moment out of your day to celebrate this occasion.   Every-time I wonder about continuing this trail of exposing the best emerging bands from around the world I am drawn back to Julie’s enthusiasm […]

Sonic Hearts Foundation – Into Forever – EP review

It was May 2012 that I first introduced Sonic Hearts Foundation and they have just released their first EP – the four track Into Forever. What I liked about Sonic Hearts Foundation then, I still like about them now – the industrial malaise that swathes their material in clouds of sparks and pollution. Opening with […]

LBK + 80 – Handle or Die – EP review

LBK + 80 is the electro-indie duo of Lil Brown Kid and Adrienne Weaver - better known as 80 from Los Angeles in the USA and they have a new five track release coming out imminently called Handle Or Die. The sixteen and a half minute long EP, Handle Or Die, opens with  The Red Queen which has something of […]

Having had a break for a while….

Having taken a couple of weeks to consider what if anything I wanted to do with the Indie Bands Blog. Well here it is again and I look forward to continuing to bring you the newest Independent musicians from around the world.

WhiteMoor – Horizons – LP review

It was January 2012 that I first introduced WhiteMoor and they have a new eleven track LP – Horizons –  which came out earlier this month. Opening with High Lights which is a reminder of all the good things about WhiteMoor though delivered in a slightly heavier rock packaging with little doubt the band has […]

Indie Music Tips #15 Persistence with David Wimble

David Wimble of The Indie Bible joins me to talk about persistence as an independent musician for episode 15 of the Indie Music Tips series. We talk about ideas such as evolving to survive, handling the negative, responding to the audience and more. For more information about The Ultimate Indie Bundle. No! Not Nick – […]

ScenicLife – Who’s To Blame – EP review

ScenicLife who I first took a look at about a year ago recently released the four track EP Who’s To Blame. The sound belies the fact that there are only three players in the band Just The Same sets the scene for the dynamic and enthusiastic delivery that is ScenicLife. Unpretentious anthemic rock ‘n’ roll […]

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