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ScenicLife – Who’s To Blame – EP review

ScenicLife who I first took a look at about a year ago recently released the four track EP Who’s To Blame.

ScenicLife - Who's To Blame

ScenicLife – Who’s To Blame

The sound belies the fact that there are only three players in the band Just The Same sets the scene for the dynamic and enthusiastic delivery that is ScenicLife. Unpretentious anthemic rock ‘n’ roll to delight the ears and vocal chords.

Broken Promises is equally as uncompromising and with a sound that you know should be oil to my water, somehow I get where these guys are coming from. I enjoy this track for the way that the trio is able to retain the powerful undercurrent but tip into it a scent of emotional context that raises this well above the mundane.

Next up is Take Me Away - This is a five minute track which is clearly derived from The Beatles gene-pool of rock thereby breaking two of my taboos. It is the antithesis of all I can bear and as you know something I should shudder from but no – it is my pick of the release - as they temper the basic construction with a direction of travel and eddying -pools that retains my full interest which is a testament to their ability to redefine the sounds and create something original.

Concluding with Mrs. Wild a delightful gruffness immediately meets the ears before setting out on its path of good old rattling rock which has the stamp of ScenicLife writ large and bold as they take a genre of music which has for the most part paled into an insignificance of itself and given it a new coat of paint which seeks to redefine the brand and they do so with confidence and style.

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