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Colaars from Kiev in the Ukraine is a four piece indie-pop band that has just released a debut EP Wood ArsenalDmitry Tkach  (Vocal / Guitar), Ivan Medelyan (Guitar / Backing Vocal), Chuk (bass) and Evgeniy Vinogradsky (Drums) are newly formed and setting out their stall.



The newly emerged so called’ free states’ are hived with bands that are happy with life. So I need to let free my shackles of hatred for state intervention and remember, I am writing on the indie bands blog not on anarchy in the uk, but somehow I feel I am letting down those who came before….. enough of my angst and let’s take a look at Colaars, for what they are, not what I wished they were.

Swimming inside the sharp fingers of the higher fret guitar, the band encapsulate a space which makes the speakers jump with joy as the rapidity of all fingers on strings and well trained wrists on drums tumble in to ears, catapulting the body in to a frenetic swerve to stay in tempo. Colaars capture the mood of optimism like the parabolic reflector in a telescope, you can’t be anything other than smiling as the music hits the Auditory Cortex.


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