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Zealots Desire

Zealots Desire is a progressive rock band from London in Canada. The four-piece band made up of Joshua Cuningham (guitar and vocals), Ryan Daniels (bass), Jimmy Gilmar (lead guitar) and Jason Garbutt (drums) roar out good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll.

Zealots Desire

Zealots Desire

Big stage is a natural ground to go along-side the big sound and big stage presence that is Zealots Desire.  There is an air of confidence which is an essential ingredient for this style of music and the band has that in buckets. The sound could be drawn straight from the annals of history, yet they manage to add a twist, injecting a flavour of  today, rather than attempting to be a copy of what has gone before. The band are able to deliver a theatrical feel to the music, as the compositions are not just about monster noise, rather there is a emotional gentleness to the sound, which belies the volume settings.

The band has been able to tame the material, so that it doesn’t stray in to the 45 minute guitar solo and drum break that sends everyone to sleep. They remain tightly focussed pouring the energy in to a highly recognizable format and they are revelation as that mix between ballad and heavy rock is balanced superbly.


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